Camper Trailers, Caravans, Horse Floats & Boats

Towing goes hand in hand when you own a 4WD. Whether your toy is a camper trailer, caravan, horse float or boat, it needs some attention from time to time.


Often forgotten, your trailer follows obediently along behind clocking up many kilometres in the process. Bearings, brakes and suspension components wear out and require some love.


Trailer wiring systems cop so much abuse, corrugations, saltwater, sticks just to name a few issues. We can repair or replace your trailer wiring system and protect it for future trips.


With a comprehensive range of trailer accessories and spares we can customise your set up to your needs. If you can think of it, we can make it happen.


Not many components have to endure the same punishment that a trailer suspension system gets subjected to. Components crack, break or simply wear out over time. Let us check your trailer out before your next trip.


Whatever your trailer needs we can help. If the repair is something out of our skill range, we will help you find a solution to your issue.

Camera Systems

Offering a large range of reverse and rear mounted camera systems we can make sure you can be clear about what is behind you.

Braking Systems

Trailer brakes are even more important than ever before. With modern caravans using the brakes controlled by your stability control its vital they are serviced at regular intervals just like the tow vehicle.


Solar power is often the best choice for auxiliary battery charging, with high quality components and the correct installation say goodbye to flat batteries.

Complete Off Grids Systems

Not everyone camps in caravan parks with access to mains power. We specialise in custom off grid systems. Making sure that your battery system stays charged, and your down time is not spent chasing faults in a poorly setup power system.


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