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What spares & equipment should I carry?2022-03-07T13:06:37+11:00

Every vehicle set up is different as are our customers travels. The first thing we advise is to make sure that in an emergency, you have the ability to let others know where you are and access to first aid products.

We offer a full range of pre-trip inspections and advice on setting up your vehicle and equipment. Preparation is the key!

Is SG Off Road open on the weekend?2022-03-07T13:07:47+11:00

We are not open on weekends as our team are passionate about getting out there on the tracks in our own 4WDs!

How much will it cost to service my vehicle?2022-03-07T13:09:04+11:00

Typically, we are able to quote customers on basic servicing for their vehicle however this varies in price depending on model and make.

For complete transparency with vehicle servicing costs, our preferred method is for us to view and report on your vehicle before any work is performed. This way we can offer you the best service available with no surprise costs at the completion of the service.

Communication with our customers is paramount throughout the servicing process.

Do you have courtesy vehicles?2022-03-07T13:10:36+11:00

We have a range of courtesy vehicles available to our customers. From sedans to utes, you can drop your vehicle off at an appropriate time for yourself knowing that you will still have transport.

Do you have a qualified Auto Electrician onsite?2022-03-07T13:13:13+11:00

Yes, SG Off Road has two qualified Auto Electricians and an Apprentice in training in our workshop working along side our Auto Technicians and Mechanics. This means all auto electrical work including full off grid 12v systems and solar installs can be carried out onsite.

Can you service my new vehicle that is still in the manufacturer’s warranty period?2022-03-07T13:05:22+11:00

Yes, we are able to complete all of your vehicles logbook servicing requirements ensuring that your manufacturer’s warranty remains intact.

Can I improve the handling and towing ability of my 4WD?2022-03-07T13:09:46+11:00

Standard suspension is built to a compromise: it offers very little to people who use their vehicle for towing or carrying heavy loads.

Through suspension products, we have a large range of engineered systems that are customised to suit your vehicle’s handling and towing requirements. We can sort out your vehicle’s suspension and handling requirements with a comprehensive check in store.

Are you able to fit the accessories I want on my vehicle, before I pick it up from the dealership?2022-03-07T13:03:46+11:00

Fitting accessories to customers vehicles prior to the delivery from the dealership is a daily occurrence. All of our accessory range is available to be ordered with your vehicle and can even be added to your vehicle finance if required.

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